Texas Crime Stoppers Council Celebrates 35th Anniversary

The Texas Crime Stoppers Council, which operates under the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s office, marked its 35th anniversary today. Since its inception, Texas Crime Stoppers has grown from 8 certified organizations to over 150 certified organizations in operation today, serving both in the community and on middle school and high school campuses statewide. Texas Crime Stoppers organizations have collectively assisted law enforcement in apprehending hundreds of thousands of suspects, seizing $1.1 billion worth of narcotics and recovering $245 million in stolen property.

“For 35 years, Texas Crime Stoppers has provided invaluable aid in preventing criminal activity and protecting Texans,” said Governor Abbott. “I would like to congratulate Texas Crime Stoppers on reaching this important milestone and thank the Council for its outstanding work in expanding Crime Stoppers statewide.”

“I am delighted to congratulate the Texas Crime Stoppers Council for 35 years of outstanding service and success,” said Texas Crime Stoppers Director Elaine Windberg. “Since 1981, the Texas Crime Stoppers Council members, both past and present, have made an extraordinary difference through their dedication to their mission of solving and preventing crime in Texas.  The council continues to provide invaluable guidance and support to the nearly 150 Crime Stoppers organizationsacross the state, as well as empowering, educating, and engaging Texas communities and schools in the important conversations about crime, public safety, and the protection of society’s most vulnerable citizens.”

The 67th Texas Legislature created the Texas Crime Stoppers Council on June 8th, 1981 to advise the Governor of Crime Stoppers programs in Texas. In 1989, the 71st Texas Legislature charged the Council with certifying all Texas Crime Stoppers organizations which plan to receive and expend fees from persons who have committed crimes and have been sentenced to community supervision and with ensuring compliance with the state statutory requirements. The Council consists of five members appointed by the Governor to serve four-year terms.